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Method #1. Forum Marketing Cash - Instantly make money by copying one of these forum marketing methods. You can post as much as you want as long as you are delivering value to the forum (shown in the video below how). The more you post, the more profits you will make and it's 100% free to post.

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Here are some forum signature ideas for you to use:


RULE #1 to remember: Add your own authentic individuality to the forum, NEVER SPAM. We do not tolerate spammers and neither do forum owners

Forums to sign up an account and start posting at:

Digital Point Forums




Warrior Forum



Associates Forum



MPORTANT guideline to remember: Always think about contributing to the forum in a positive manner, never ever spam, and also never plagiarize (always cite the source of an article you post or link to). If you blindly spam, you may risk getting banned from a forum and we never recommend this.

Easy forum replies for almost ANY threads (please personalize if it makes sense):


Note: These are only example replies for you to model from.

If people seem to agree on a topic of the thread, then use the following as your post reply:

While I wouldn’t have worded it quite that way, I can see the point being made here.

I’m a bit of a newbie here, but your post has really helped me.  Highly informative. Thanks.


If there seems to be some heated disagreement on a topic of the thread, then use the following as your post reply:

Whoa, it’s getting a little intense in here.  I think I’ll wait till the air clears before I step in.


If a topic of the thread seems to have no answer or is dead, then use the following as your post reply:

Hmmm.  That’s describes my feelings on the issue to a T.

I was not aware of this – that’s news to me.  But I’m certainly going to do more research on the issue.


If a topic seems to be fresh & shocking to the community, then use the following as your post reply:

I admire the fact that you presented this question.  I know it’s one that many people want to know the answer to.


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You are to be commended for even broaching this subject. Hats off to you.


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Home Biz List - please test their quality performance guarantee


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